ऋग्वेद ९/९७/३३ में सोम के लिए सुपर्ण विशेषण प्रयुक्त हैं. The Shahadah, which is the basic foundation of Islam, contains six oaths or kalemas, and the first kalema, namely kalema Taib, is most important. Now ask all 58 Jihadi countries (total population 1.5 billion) wage Jihad against India (80 crore Hindus). Brothers please watch this debate.Live Debate of Great Arya Samaji Scholar Dr Harish Chandra and Quranic Scholar in Calcultta.We never said no to any challenge of Arya Samaj and agniveer is propogating wrong information.We accepted challenge.This person was not able to answer when one women asked question about vedas see what kind of scolars these cowards are. ur whole community is like that. JMB’s militant activities are also said to be supported by Pakistan’s intelligence agency, which also supports other global jihad-linked groups, particularly Pakistani terrorist groups operating in Kashmir. And hence, Soma intoxication implies entrenching oneself completely in devotion to that Supreme Lord. Flow, Indu, flow for Indra’s sake. Whoever is this Satys is truth seeker may allah bless him.ahamdaullah. Nothing is further from the truth. Is it true that in most casinos alcoholis free as long as your gambling? Vegas Taxis here,indra/marutha is a symbolysation of a force that sustains the mind from being disturbed and consequent revelation of the supreme knowledge of that which is beyond the senses. The JNU-chaap Marxixt perverts haven’t stopped there. For example, most hotels enforce strict policies that do not allow patrons to bring outside alcohol into the pool areas, no matter the container. <<<<<<<<<<